Pencil Skirt Productions is the brain child of Creative Director Gypsy Taylor.

Our most recent large scale project was for Walt Disney's PANDORA, The World of Avatar. The 2 year project involved collaborating incredibly close with Disney's top Imagineers and James Cameron's team at LIGHTSTORM Entertainment and a 14 foot animatronic.

The Shaman and the Sentry in the Nav'i River Journey were completely original designs conceived by Gypsy working under Creative Director Joe Rohde inspired by James Cameron's mind blowing original concept. 

The research and development period included working hand in hand with engineers on one of Disney's most advanced animatronics EVER built.

Gypsy headed up a stellar team to create two Nav'i's  for the new attraction at Animal Kingdom Orlando. The costume team was made up of LA's top specialists in the field. Which included;

weavers • hand stitchers • fabric finishers  • pattern makers • leather specialists • sculptors & moulders • 3D sculptors • laser cutters •  sublimators • not to mention the production team who kept the well oiled machine running.

Gypsy prides herself on leading a hard working team with a positive outlook, all the while creating world class results. This project was the perfect platform in which Pencil Skirt Productions could blossom.